Exploring Jake Blucker’s ‘Valley of Fires’: A Brilliant Showcase of American Wilderness Through the Lens

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Valley of Fires black concrete road surrounded by brown rocks

The ‘Valley of Fires’ by Jake Blucker: A Captivating Visual of American Wilderness

In the digital age, one’s ability to travel can be indulged and expanded through the art of photography. A remarkable example of this is encapsulated within a single click by the brilliant photographer, Jake Blucker, a top 100 most downloaded photographer of the year 2017. His work, which predominantly focuses on capturing the allure of natural landscapes, has drawn significant acclaim to include Editor’s Choice Top 100 Photos of the Year 2017.

One of his most distinguished photos is that of the “Valley of Fires,” a black concrete road surrounded by unparalleled brown rocks. His prowess in capturing the evocative panorama of the Valley of Fire State Park can be largely attributed to his adept usage of a Canon EOS 6D. In his hands, the camera becomes more than just a tool. It morphs into a conduit that enables viewers to journey with him through his lens into the heart of this Martian landscape in the United States.

The Valley of Fire State Park

The United States is revered for its abundance and variety of natural parks, among them the Valley of Fire State Park, which is situated in the Mojave Desert, approximately 58 miles Northeast of Las Vegas. Named for its iconic red sandstone formations, the Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, spreading over an area of approximately 42,059 acres. When sunlight strikes these sandstones, they appear to be on fire, thus inspiring the park’s evocative name.

It is not just the scorching impression of the terrain that distinguishes this park. The Valley of Fire also boasts of spectacular rock structures, the result of shifting sand dunes and geological transformations that have occurred over 150 million years. Cave dwellings and ancient petroglyphs embellish these structures, bearing testament to the region’s prehistoric inhabitants, the Anasazi people.

Creating an Immortal Image

Achieving an award-winning shot requires more than just an impressive landscape. In the instance of Jake’s ‘Valley of Fires’, the camera of choice, Canon EOS 6D, played an instrumental role. A full-frame DSLR, the EOS 6D is known for its excellent high-resolution performance, especially in low light conditions. This feature paired with a wide ISO range and an 11-point autofocus system contributes to producing incredibly sharp and detailed shots – much like the ‘Valley of Fires’.

The ‘Valley of Fires’ picture uses a focal length of 105.0mm, fairly long for landscape photography. The lens choice has facilitated a narrow angle of view which seems to compress the scene enhancing the illusion of depth. The aperture value of f/22.0 has granted a broad depth of field, bringing everything into sharp focus from the road that unspools in the foreground to the rocky outcrops adorning the background.

Jake Blucker: The Man Behind the Lens

In a world cluttered with camera-wielding enthusiasts, what differentiates true artists is not just their ability to capture a scene, but to tell a story. Jake Blucker, a prominent name among Unsplash photographers, excels in this respect. His approach to photography unfolds like a narrative, creating a sense of exploration and curiosity in every shot.

Recognized in the Top 100 Most Downloaded Photos of the Year 2017, and featured in the Editor’s Choice Top 100 Photos of the Year 2017, Jake’s work often features vast landscapes depicting the earth’s majesty and natural elegance. But, a closer look at Jake’s portfolio reveals his diverse interests, with photos ranging from intimate close-ups to wide-angle cityscapes, reflecting his aptitude for variety and versatility. Follow Jake’s adventures on Instagram to revel in his artistic journey and be enthralled by his interpretation of the world.


The ‘Valley of Fires’ is an exemplary representation of what happens when talent and technique meet an exceptional landscape. Jake Blucker, through his adept use of the Canon EOS 6D, skillfully captures the stark and captivating terrain of the Valley of Fire. His work stands as an excellent example of the power of photography – the power to transport viewers to different landscapes, igniting their sense of wonder and exploration.