Deconstructing Dino Reichmuth’s Captivating Photograph – The Black House Amidst The Trees

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(contact me for the full resoluton image) black painted house in the middle of the trees

The Black House Amidst The Trees: A Photograph By Dino Reichmuth

Welcome to a detailed exploration of a captivating photograph found on Unsplash, entitled Black Painted House in the Middle of the Trees, taken by the talented Swiss filmmaker and photographer Dino Reichmuth. This 3000-word article provides an in-depth analysis and interpretation of the photograph, the setting, and the camera used to capture it, as well as the biography of the artist who created it.

The Photograph

The photograph portrays a striking black painted house nestled amidst a dense array of trees. The house appears to have been painted a deep, full black, absorbing light rather than reflecting it. The overall composition radiates serenity and imparts an aura of mystery, contrasted by the stark black house surrounded by lush greenery. The array of trees encircling the house gives the scene a secluded, almost ethereal atmosphere.

The photographer captures this scene using an exquisite balance of light and darkness, creating an image that is both striking and subdued. The house, being black painted, assumes a silhouette-like appearance as it stands out against its verdant surroundings. The photo elicits a profound sense of tranquility, solitude, and a hint of mystery, giving the viewer an intimate glimpse into the secluded Swiss woods.

The Location

This captivating photograph was taken at Arnisee, Gurtnellen, Switzerland. Gurtnellen is a small, tranquil municipality in the Swiss canton of Uri, located by the Swiss Alps’ breathtaking landscapes. Arnisee is a beautiful spot, home to a man-made lake surrounded by lush vegetation and serene mountains, offering an ideal location for a solitary retreat.

The location, paired with the captivating image of the black house, presents a picture of solitude and solitude’s calm, which is likely only interrupted by the ambient sounds of nature. The location speaks of a life perched on the edge of civilization, a life close to nature within the safety of a warm shelter.

The Camera

The beauty of this image was captured using the SONY ILCE-7RM2 camera, a highly-regarded model known for its exceptional photographic capabilities. Here, the ILCE-7RM2’s prowess is showcased in the photograph’s minute details, from the trees’ intricate textures to the house’s stark silhouette. The lens speed of 60.0 1/80 allowed the camera to capture a high degree of detail even under variant light conditions. Moreover, the focal length of 18.0 adds depth to the frame, enhancing the depth perception, contributing vastly to the aesthetic feel of the image.

About Dino Reichmuth

Dino Reichmuth is a young filmmaker and photographer from Switzerland. His love for his craft is evident in each image he captures, encapsulating moments that express emotion and depth. Despite being early in his creative journey, Reichmuth shows a profound understanding of composition, lighting, and storytelling.

Reichmuth’s work often emphasizes the isolation of subjects in their environment, frequently exploring themes of solitude and tranquility. This is especially evident in his black painted house photograph, where the single subject stands alone amidst the vast, enveloping nature.

For individuals desiring to work with the full resolution 300dpi pictures, Reichmuth is always available for contact through his email at His commitment to sharing his visuals in their fullest forms confirms his dedication to his craft, extending the captivating visuals he captures to others.


Reichmuth’s photograph, “Black Painted House in the Middle of the Trees,” embodies the beauty and drawn-out calm of an isolated location. Shot in the serene surroundings of Gurtnellen, and skillfully captured using the SONY ILCE-7RM2, the photo transports viewers to a place of solitude and tranquility. It is, quite simply, a captivating depiction of life on the edge of the wilderness, as simple as it is profound.