Deconstructing Arno Smit’s Photography: Capturing Stockholm’s Natural Beauty with the FUJIFILM X-T10

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 green grass field with house during daytime

Arno Smit: Frame by Frame of Photographic Genius in Stockholm’s Scenic Splendour

Visual Glimpse into the Green Grass Field with House during Daytime

Unveiling the poetic charm of the mundane, every corner of the world offers new lenses to explore the infinite varying sceneries. However, few imageries capture the heart’s imagination quite like the serene depiction of Stockholm’s verdant vistas as seen in Arno Smit’s green grass field with house during daytime photo on Unsplash.

A Portrait of Harmonious Composition

The allure of this photograph extends beyond the picturesque warmth of the Swedish sun against the vibrant green tapestries of grass. It mastery combines elements of composition, light, shade, texture, contrasts, and the captivating interplay of colours into a unified visual statement. The setting was masterfully told through the lens of the FUJIFILM X-T10 at 35.0 mm, with an exposure time of 1/3200 seconds and an aperture of f/4.0.

An Insight into Stockholm’s Landscape

Stockholm’s outdoors, the location of this photograph, thrives in its contrasts. Standing as the epitome of serene seclusion, this house amidst peardo green fields is located in Stockholm, Sweden – a region celebrated for its lush forests and scenic landscapes, a treasure trove of nature’s best offerings.

Camera | FUJIFILM X-T10

The FUJIFILM X-T10, with its tremendous versatility and performance, perfectly complements a photographer’s quest to capture the essence of a moment. At a glance, the camera is a powerhouse, combining an APS-C sensor with high-speed autofocus and advanced optical and mechanical technologies.

Photographer | Arno Smit

Behind this illustrious photo is the lensman Arno Smit, a Namibian-born entrepreneur, father, and a passionate photographer. He is also the co-founder of FundedByMe, a platform that integrates crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and peer-to-business lending.

Arno Smit: The Man Behind the Lens

Arno Smit’s journey with photography is woven into the fabric of his life. He sees the world as a vast canvas of diverse stories told in a rainbow of hues, shadows, and forms – an approach that is intimately reflected in his photographic compositions. His perspective seamlessly shifts from co-founding successful businesses to capturing timeless images, embodying the harmony of a balanced lifestyle he advocates.

FundedByMe: From Entrepreneurship to tangible Impact

Arno Smit’s entrepreneurial venture, FundedByMe, has established itself as an applauded platform for crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and peer-to-business lending. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, it serves as the meeting point for growing ideas and the capital that propels them into viability. FundedByMe, to date, has played an instrumental role in the success stories of startups and established businesses alike.

Photographic Journey: Arno’s Passion In Frame

Despite handling the tribulations of entrepreneurship, Arno has always reserved an exclusive place for his passion for photography. He finds the heart of his photography at the junction of structure and disorder, distilling the perfection hidden within seemingly chaotic elements. His Instagram handle showcases this distinct philosophy teeming with inspiring stories waiting to be told, one frame at a time.

A Continuing Voyage of Discovery

Arno Smit invites enthusiasts and professionals alike to engage with his work, offering his photographs for publications – allowing his passion to be a part of narratives well beyond his own. In continuing to share his work, Arno takes his audience on a journey, immersing them in a world seen through his lens – bringing the colours, composition, subjects, and his unique perspective of the world to life in every image.


Every photograph captures a fleeting moment, immortalising it for the world to perceive. Arno Smit’s depiction of the Swedish landscape embodying this notion beautifully blend, with each click of his camera whispering tales of places, people, and moments, told and untold. Concluding the story behind the green grass field with a house during daytime photo, it stands as a testament to Arno’s prowess, his FUJIFILM X-T10 camera’s capacity, and the natural beauty of Stockholm’s outdoors.