Capturing the Untamed Beauty of Iceland: An Interview with Jonny Auh

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This is a remote canyon on the South Coast of Iceland, way too hard to pronounce or spell. We came here in a torrential downpour, which is honestly how most of the weather on iceland is and I took the best picture I could under the conditions given to me. aerial view photography of body of water across green mountains

Remote Canyon in South Coast Iceland: A Photographic Adventure

Click here to view this stunning photograph by Jonny Auh.

Nestled in the heart of Iceland, the spectacular image above is an aerial capture of a remote canyon, a location only a select few daring globetrotters have ever stumbled upon. The spellbinding view of the water body perfectly nestled amidst the lush green mountains is an unforgettable eulogy to the untamed beauty of Iceland.

A Hassle-Free Endeavour? Far from it!

According to the photographer Jonny Auh, this stunning shot was taken during a torrential rain, an average day in the Icelandic lands. In the face of such challenging conditions, only a photographer with an implacable spirit and a love for adventure could manage to capture such a spellbinding photo. But then, that is Jonny for you. He is not just about the lens and the viewfinder, he is about the journey, the story, the adventure.

About the Location – Iceland

Iceland, a beautiful Nordic island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its unusual and fascinating landscapes filled with waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, and volcanoes. As depicted by the photograph, the south coast of Iceland – where the image was taken – is heavily characterised by stunning black beaches, famous glacier lagoons, rugged cliffs, and captivating waterfalls.

This region is perfect for the adventurous photographer, with its relatively untouched terrain teeming with stunning landscapes, astoundingly beautiful water bodies, vast open skies, and, if you’re lucky, the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern lights. Jonny’s photograph encapsulates the raw, untouched beauty of this spectacular Icelandic canyon.

Behind the Lens: SONY ILCE-6300

The photographic prowess of the SONY ILCE-6300 was pushed to its limits to capture the true essence of the Icelandic landscape under a downpour. With its advanced 24.2 Mpx APS-C sensor and hybrid autofocus system, the ILCE-6300 is an excellent choice for stunning landscapes, making it possible for Jonny to deliver this superb shot.

The camera was set at an aperture size of 6.7, an 18.0 mm focal length, and a shutter speed of 1/125. These settings enabled him to capture the entire breathtaking scene in perfect detail, despite the relentless rain.

About Jonny Auh

Jonny Auh, the man behind the incredible photograph, is a talented and passionate photographer with an evident predilection towards capturing awe-inspiring landscapes. Not much else is available on Jonny’s private life, except that he is known to be an adventure lover, a fervent traveller, and a nature enthusiast. Follow him on Instagram to view more of his captivating work.

Finishing words

Impressionable, stunning, and majestically picturesque, Jonny’s captures are nothing short of a visual treat. His ability to brave the elements, steep treks, and extreme weather conditions all for the perfect shot is commendable. With photographs that blend the stark beauty and tranquil serenity of nature, Jonny Auh truly evokes a sense of awe and inspiration for his followers. His passion, patience, and persistent dedication to his craft make his photographs a tribute to the recherche and untamed beauty of our planet.